Running/Walking Shoes & Fittings

Our store carries a variety of shoes for running, walking, or cycling. We can personally fit you in our shoes, so come down and get the shoes you need for your fitness and comfort.

Running Shoes

Runners come in all shapes and sizes. Some folks run on treadmills, sand, asphalt, concrete…all types of terrain. Runners run various distances daily. Knowing all this, we carry running shoes to meet those needs and we can custom fit each person. The right fit can make the biggest difference, so we want to make our runners happy with the proper shoes.

Walking Shoes

We all walk and the need to feel comfortable is a must. We have shoes to help make that wish come true. We can help your walk and relieve any pain. Walkers need to be happy as well!

Cycling Shoes

Our cycling shoes are no different! Come on down and get fitted.

The Process

Our shoe fitting process helps us determine the type and brand of shoe that would be best for you. Whether you want shoes for running, walking or cycling, we can help you out!

Step One

We talk to you about your activities and any injuries you’ve had or currently have.

Step Two

We perform a gait analysis where we watch you walk, taking note of how your arches and ankles move and flex.

Step Three

Based on the information from steps one and two, we will choose several shoes for you to try on. You can walk, run, or bike out in the shopping center to make sure they are the right fit! Come visit us for your shoe fitting!