Ride for Life 25 Mile Loop

This is the 25 mile route for the Ride for Life:

Turn Onto Street
Leave parking lot to left
L Wilkins Street
L VA Dare Trail
R Duck Road
Bear R Ocean Blvd
L Hickory
R Duck Road ** Stop light – be careful **
L @ Light Hillcrest
R Hickory ** Water grate halfway **
R East Dogwood Trail
L North Dogwood Trail
** REST STOP @ Kitty Hawk Elementary School **

Upon leaving rest stop go left and cross 158 @ light

Continue onto Woods Road
R Twiford
L Kitty Hawk Road
R Moore Shore Drive
Continue on Bike Path ** Watch for Poles **
R Up hill onto Wingrass Circle
R Bay Drive/Canal Drive
R 1st Street
Onto bike path
L Collingtin Road Bike Path
R Veterans Drive
** REST STOP in center circle **
L Baum Street
L Virginia Dare Trail
R Wilkinson Street
R Onto sidewalk of 158 into parking lot