5 Tips to Keep Fit in Winter

Just because the winter has come doesn’t mean stop everything. No, it is marathon season and time to run!!! Here are a few tips to keep you in shape and make you feel HAPPY!!

So get up (out of that warm bed) and start having fun. You can work out inside or outside—you choose. Just move. The holidays are ahead and that means lots of food and yes DRINKS. So make a plan or set your goals. Here are some tips:

1. Schedule a late winter/early spring race. There is nothing more motivating than a race looming in the distance. Hopefully anytime we spend money and commit to a race, that will help us train when we otherwise want to be a lump on a log.

2. Make a plan, set up mini goals. Even if you don’t have a race on the horizon you can still make a plan and set up different goals. Post a calendar on your refrigerator with a workout plan. Set up mini-goals along the way. Better yet, post it on social media. There’s nothing like the hive mentality to keep you on the straight and narrow. Resistance is futile….

3. Peer pressure: Get some friends together and make a challenge. There are a number of monthly challenges online such as a push-up, plank, or sit-up challenge. This makes it fun and motivating when you can share your workouts with other people.

4. Move it indoors, try something new. Have you wanted to try yoga, pilates, spin, or interval classes? Now is the time to try something new. Try a new gym or simply try something new at your own gym. Even if you don’t belong to a gym, there is something called the ‘internet’ that is full of FREE workouts. If you haven’t checked it out yet, now is the time. You can get a great workout in without ever having to put your little pinky toe in the cold air.

5. Sticking with outdoor workouts? We have solutions:

  • Warm up inside:  jumping jacks, dynamic warm-up, walking in place. Do anything you need to do to get the blood pumping and get you warm enough to head outside.
  • Buy the right clothing: This is really key. If you have the right clothing, cold temps will be tolerable and invigorating. Luckily I know just the place to stock up on your cold weather gear (hint: look at the logo on the top of the page).

6 Reasons Why You Should Take BCAAs Today

Photo: Geoff Kabush takes down a Roctane Energy Gel, which delivers almost 1.5 grams of amino acids.

What is the big deal with BCAAs anyway? You may have heard a thing or two about them from your supplement-savvy training partner, but unless you have a background in biochemistry, you might not know why they matter or how to incorporate them into your training and nutrition regimen.

Why Do BCAAs Matter?

Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are the three branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), so named because of their nonlinear (“branched”) carbon atom configuration. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and proteins, as you probably know, make up the structure of the body. Amino acids are either produced in the body (termed, “nonessential”), or they must be supplied from the diet (termed, “essential”).

What Makes Them ‘Essential’

BCAAs are essential amino acids, meaning they are not made in the body, yet they constitute more than one third of the protein found in human muscle tissue! Rich dietary sources of BCAAs include dairy, egg, meat, poultry and fish. Supplemental BCAAs are also widely available and often used within the context of sports nutrition. BCAAs are unique because, unlike most other amino acids, they are primarily metabolized within the muscle itself, as opposed to being broken down by the liver. That has two important implications for performance:

  • Rapidly Absorbed: BCAAs enter the bloodstream rapidly, bypass breakdown in the liver, and are readily taken up by active tissues (mainly muscle), and
  • More Fuel: BCAAs provide an additional fuel source for working muscle, as BCAA breakdown for energy increases during prolonged exercise (Shimomura et al., 2006). BCAAs also play an important role in overall protein turnover, which is to say they help regulate whether the body is in a recovery (tissue building) or catabolic (tissue breakdown) state.

Of the BCAAs, leucine in particular has been shown to initiate muscle protein synthesis (building) and inhibit protein breakdown (Norton & Layman, 2006). This is key whether you are trying to build muscle, maintain lean body mass during caloric restriction, or simply reduce muscle breakdown during intense and/or long-duration exercise.

Read the full article at Gu Energy >>>

Running at Night

Are you visible when you run at night? Nighttime visibility while you’re exercising outside is important, especially during the winter when the sun goes down earlier in the evening.

By wearing reflective gear and LED lights, you can appear to drivers at longer distances than if you just wore light-colored clothing. Tri Outer Banks Sports carries a wide range of Nathan reflective gear and lighting products, so come in and check us out!

Stay safe. Stay visible!